Colruyt Group launches new online promotions platform ‘Deals!’

Colruyt Group today launches the new online promo platform Deals! with strong volume promotions on a changing selection of A-brand products. The platform is an addition to the existing promo deals of the various Colruyt Group store formulas. Deals! is offered via Collect&Go, the Group's online shopping service.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Belgian promo platform for large volume deals

In recent years, it has become clear that customers not only like to buy their weekly groceries online, but that an increasing number is also prepared to buy large quantities if they can get a substantial discount,” says Tom Deprater, in charge of Collect&Go. Today, these highly promo-sensitive customers mainly find what they are looking for on foreign online shops that deliver to Belgium. That is why, guided by its expertise and leading position in the Belgian online retail market, Collect&Go is now launching the new promo platform Deals! as a Belgian and qualitative Colruyt Group response to this customer demand.

New volume deals every week

New promos will be launched for customers on Deals! every week. On the new promo platform customers benefit from strong promotions on large volumes of pet food, care and maintenance products, detergent, paper products and baby items. The deals will always involve A brands. The first-come-first-served principle will be applied; if you don’t want to miss out, don't wait until the last day to order.

“For example, our offer on quality Dreft Platinum tablets: the customer buys 8 56-tablet packs and pays €66.95 for that volume instead of €182.83,” Tom Deprater points out. “That’s a significant advantage of 63 % and only 14 cents per dishwasher tablet.”

Complementary online offer

The Colruyt Lowest Prices shop formula is, of course, already strong in offering volume discounts: customers often enjoy 33% or more off the fixed product range. In that respect, the new promo platform Deals! is a further addition to Colruyt’s current offer. Deals! works with a limited and fast changing assortment on which it can offer very strong promos at high volumes. Moreover, it will often be a different fragrance of perfume or deodorant or detergent with a different packaging than what customers can find in the physical or online Colruyt stores.

“We find it very important to respond to the different needs of consumers,” says Tom Deprater. “Deals! focuses on a target audience that was not yet sufficiently reached by Colruyt Group. Through this new platform, we want to meet the needs of highly promo-sensitive customers who are prepared to stock up on large quantities." 

How exactly does it work?

On Deals! customers can log in with their Xtra-profile or as a guest. Then, they select the deal they want to score. Because Deals! is a promo platform for individuals, there is a limit to the number of deals customers can add to their shopping basket. Payment is made in advance and exclusively via bancontact.

By grouping the deliveries, Deals! can provide cost-efficient home deliveries, while keeping the cost to customers low. The order is delivered to your home within 2 to 14 days, depending on the products, for €3.99. If customers order for more than €60, no additional fee will be charged for the delivery. Deals! is a separate online platform, which means that customers cannot combine their Deals! purchases with their Collect&Go shopping. 


More information?

Please use the following link (valid for 1 week) to download some relevant images:

If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact Colruyt Group’s press office via, 0473 92 45 10 (NL) or 0473 82 27 15 (FR).

Feel free to visit the promo platform at


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