Colruyt Group is the first retailer to test silent deliveries with an electric 44-tonne truck in Brussels

Today, Colruyt Group made its first silent delivery with an electric 44-tonne truck in Brussels. This is a Belgian first, which did not escape the attention of Brussels Minister of Mobility, Elke Van den Brandt. Quiet, emission-free and with a large load capacity. The test with the 44-tonne truck opens up future perspectives for Colruyt Group, which delivers 1,000 tonnes of products to 24 stores in the Brussels region every day. The retailer is thus taking an important step towards more sustainable deliveries in an urban context.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Ideal for deliveries in cities

"Deliveries with electric trucks are ideal for large cities," says Martine Pauwels, manager Supply Chain Colruyt Lowest Prices. "This test with a silent delivery to our Colruyt Lowest Prices store in Anderlecht illustrates the many advantages of electric deliveries in urban areas: the inhabitants are sure to find the necessary products in their store, the local residents experience less noise pollution and thanks to the truck's large load capacity, far fewer trips are required. With this 44-tonne truck, we can reduce the number of trips per day and bring the 1,000 tonnes of products required to the people of Brussels. Efficient and relieving for traffic."


“Air quality is a major priority for the Brussels Government. This test is an important step in making the logistics chain and the transport of goods more sustainable. I can only applaud the fact that companies, such as Colruyt Group today, are taking initiatives in this respect and that we can work together on this", says Elke Van den Brandt, Brussels Minister of Mobility, Public Works and Road Safety.

"It is important to us at Colruyt Group to always examine with other stakeholders, in this case the Brussels government, how we can work together towards more sustainable deliveries in an urban context," Martine Pauwels continues.

Greening of heavy goods transport

By 2030, Colruyt Group wants to reduce its relative CO2 emissions by 40 % (compared to 2008). It also focuses on making its transport more sustainable. "This first silent delivery is another step in our effort to make our supply chain more sustainable," Martine Pauwels explains. "To make our goods transport more sustainable, we invest in several green technologies: our fleet currently includes 8 trucks running on CNG (compressed natural gas). Since 2015, two electric terminal trucks have been operating on our own sites and since December last year we have also been testing a hydrogen powered truck. We firmly believe in an and-and story where each fuel has its own application and we can work in a complementary way. We thus pursue efficient transport with the lowest possible impact, step by step."

Focus on quality of life and safety

"In our pursuit of quiet and emission-free deliveries, we constantly pay attention to quality of life, safety, health and the environment," Martine Pauwels continues. "In order to make deliveries even more quietly, we are examining new materials for trailers, we raise awareness about the blind spot on trucks, all our drivers receive appropriate training to drive courteously and safely and they sign our courtesy charter."


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