Colruyt Group and Too Good To Go join forces in the fight against food waste: “Look, Smell, Taste" pictogram soon on Private Label dairy product range

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The new Too Good to Go pictogram will soon be found on a large number of Colruyt Group private label dairy products. This extra indication reminds customers not to simply throw away the product after the "best before" date has passed, and to trust their own senses. By participating in this new awareness campaign, Colruyt Group, as the largest retailer in Belgium, wants to give the new Too Good To Go pictogram extra power and visibility. The retail group has been working hard for many years to combat food waste, both in its own stores and in customers' homes, and this is a new and important step in that direction. Next to that, all Bio-Planet stores have now been added to the Too Good To Go application: "Waste Warriors" can now collect their magic bagsin one of these 31 stores (national rollout).

Too many edible yogurts in the trash

In September, Too Good To Go, the app that fights food waste every day, announced that its own research had revealed that 75% of Belgians do not know the difference between "best before" and "use by". This misinterpretation inevitably leads to food waste, because 1 in 3 people throw away food because it is past its date. Dairy is a category that very often ends up in people's bin at home. Half of the yoghurt thrown away by consumers is still unopened in the packaging (Chr.Hansen, 2019) [1]. However, unopened yogurt that has been stored correctly remains edible for some time after the indicated date (Test Aankoop, 2019) [2].

New icon from Too Good To Go: Look, smell, taste

Too Good To Go therefore developed a pictogram designed to bring clarity to the "best before" date. This reminds customers that the product is often still good after the “best before” date if stored correctly. Franco Prontera, Country Manager of Too Good to Go comments: "With this we encourage people to look at, smell and taste the product. Are the taste, smell and texture as usual? Then it is perfectly safe to consume. In this way we hope to save a considerable number of products from going to waste".

From now on, Colruyt Group participates in the awareness campaign with its own brand Boni Selection. A two-year commitment has now started, during which first and foremost within the dairy category, more than 100 Boni Selection products will receive the pictogram on their packaging. The first products will soon be on display in the group's food stores, such as Colruyt Lowest Prices and OKay. 

Franco Prontera of Too Good To Go emphasizes: "It is an asset for us that we can work with such a large retailer - and a real Belgian one – on this project. Being able to add so many extra references to the packaging increases our impact. It is particularly interesting for us that the private labels are also included in this collaboration, as they make up a large share of the assortment in the supermarket. Our aim is to have one million products carrying this label; we have currently reached a quarter of a million. So we are on the right track and are very happy with the enthusiasm of our partners”.

New step in raising customer awareness: Too Good To Go magic bags also at Bio-Planet

Stefan Goethaert, Director at Colruyt Group states: "As Colruyt Group we are already very consciously working on combatting food waste in our stores themselves, and informing our customers not to throw away products unnecessarily at home. For us, this cooperation is an extra way to reinforce that commitment and it fits in with the social added value that we can offer as a retailer. The packaging of our private label dairy range is now implemented step by step and we are liaising with Too Good To Go to look at further steps for the future".

In addition to the commitment to implement this new pictogram on the dairy range, another collaboration between Colruyt Group and Too Good To Go has taken shape. From now on, customers ("Waste Warriors") can save Too Good To Go magic bags in all 31 Bio-Planet stores, as a national rollout. Via the Too Good To Go app, users can see every day whether they can save surpluses from being thrown away, and they can pick up a magic bag at their nearest Bio-Planet store.

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[1] 17% of all dairy is wasted worldwide. This equates to 143 million tonnes per year. Much of this waste can be avoided in people's homes. For example, half of the yoghurt thrown away by consumers is still unopened in the packaging (Chr.Hansen, 2019).