Colruyt Group Academy makes end-of-year days extra fun with the new ‘Workshop at home’ box and additional digital workshops for (grand)parents.

Colruyt Group Academy, the Colruyt Group brand that offers original workshops, wants to bring some extra warmth and cosiness into the home for these extra special holidays. For this reason, it launches three different ‘Workshop at home’ boxes, together with partners Bio-Planet, OKay and Colruyt as from December. The ‘Workshop at home’ concept stands for three different boxes that contain all the ingredients you need to experience an accessible, enjoyable workshop at home. Moreover, there will be extra digital workshops for parents and children during the Christmas holidays.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Fast switching, innovation in the lead

Colruyt Group Academy (CGA), together with its partners, offers initiatives and inspiring environments to enable people to meet each other, do business and discover new things. However, the current pandemic is creating a context in which all this becomes less easy, which requires a lot of flexibility but also creativity from organisations. It was also “an opportunity for us to think about other possibilities and see how we can continue to inspire and connect people. We immediately set to work with a team of creative employees, and are very proud of the result”, says Griet Aerts, responsible for CGA.

‘Workshop at home’ box: extra warmth at home during these special holidays

With the ‘Workshop at home’ boxes, CGA wants to bring a few workshops to people's homes, in addition to the existing digital workshops already running today. Accessibility, fun, experience and flexibility are the basis. In this way, together with the favourite shop formulas, CGA wants to bring extra cosiness and warmth to people during this festive season.

Almost everything you need is offered in one box. It can be discovered, tried out, tinkered with and tasted in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, alone or with the family. A pilot offer of 3 Dutch-language boxes will be launched at the beginning of December. More specifically, "Cosy together #Christmas" in cooperation with OKay (fun crafting ideas and recipes), "Make your own pearly care products" together with Bio-Planet and "Make heartwarming coffee blends" with partner Colruyt Lowest Prices. One box costs € 49.

Aerts: "Because this is still a pilot project, we will start with a special edition per theme. A number of Christmas boxes will be available as of today in a dozen OKay branches, a number of care boxes will be for sale at Bio-Planet in the days to come, and the rest can be ordered online via a specially created webpage:". The intention is to add other boxes in 2021, and a French-language version is planned. "So we are going beyond the holidays", says Griet Aerts.

To CGA, it is important to enable people to enjoy the pleasure they used to go out for, indoors. "The current pandemic has taught us a lot about live streaming and online collaboration. We want to make the best of this for everyone and we are convinced that the boxes, but also our range of digital workshops, will make for a pleasant year-end “in the bubble”", says Griet Aerts.

Extra digital workshop with the children during the Christmas holidays

Colruyt Group Academy was forced to cancel all physical workshops because of the lockdown. Solutions were quickly set up with digital workshops. These 14 different online cooking workshops, online tastings and information webinars could already count on hundreds of registrations. Griet Aerts: "The participants are all pleasantly surprised by the fact that so much digital connection can continue. People think it's great, it teaches them something fun, and it also allows them to get to know new people - without any geographical limits. Surprisingly inspiring".

The workshop where parents and children cook together ("Cooking with your Junior") will be organised several times extra this Christmas holiday. This way (grand)parents and children can make extra warm, beautiful and cosy holidays together in their own home.