Colruyt distributes 6 million sets of removable and reusable grips for shopping trolleys

Halle, 10 June 2020 – Supermarket Colruyt Lowest Prices gives all its customers a free set of Clipeez®. Thanks to these grips, customers avoid contact with the handle of the shopping trolley. The grips are easy to click on the shopping trolley and can be reused. Colruyt starts distributing the free Clipeez® at the entrance of its stores and Collect&Go pick-up points today. By the end of July, all customers will have received their set.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Safety and efficiency hand in hand
​ Geert Gillis, regional director Colruyt Lowest Prices, explains: "Even if the corona measures are being relaxed, our customers' safety remains our top priority. Consequently, all precautions remain in place and we apply them as efficiently as possible. Indeed, we can guarantee the lowest price because we keep our costs as low as possible." 

Clipeez®, hold on to them
​ During the search for an efficient way to disinfect shopping trolleys, Colruyt found a good partner in Clics Toys from Wuustwezel. This toy manufacturer developed a handy device to avoid contact with the shopping trolley: Clipeez®. Customers can easily click these removable and reusable grips on the handle of their shopping trolley so they can avoid touching it. When they are done shopping, they can simply remove the grips from the shopping trolley. 

Long-term thinking
​ Geert Gillis: "Today, our co-workers who disinfect the shopping trolleys at the entrance of our stores, will start distributing the grips to our customers. At a later stage, we will install hygiene points in all stores with a hand pump and sprays with which customers can disinfect their hands and shopping trolley in case they forgot to bring their grips. This will enable co-workers, who are now disinfecting shopping trolleys, to return to work in the stores." 
​ Colruyt will distribute the 6 million free sets of grips one region after another. "Today, we start in 4 regions in a total of 30 stores. By the end of July all customers will have received their set of Clipeez®", says Geert Gillis. From the fall of 2020, Colruyt will also start selling them in its stores. 

The new normal
​ The grips are 100% recyclable and reusable. After having used them, customers can place the Clipeez® in their car or saddlebag, ready for their next visit to the store. If they want to, they can clean the grips in the dishwasher or with water and liquid soap. Geert Gillis: "Customers can keep the grips in their reusable shopping bag to be sure always to have them at hand. The grips are a practical tool that will be part of the new normal, like wearing a face mask. We ask our customers to bring both tools each time they come shopping." 

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