Avocado lasts up to twice as long thanks to second peel

From today, avocados with an invisible, plant-based protective layer, which keeps oxygen out and moisture in, are available in Colruyt's Lowest Prices shops. This helps avocados stay fresh up to twice as long. An important step in reducing food waste.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Colruyt Group uses the innovative Apeel Sciences technology to extend the shelf life of avocados. “We apply a plant-based ‘extra peel’ to the avocado, which slows oxygen entering the fruit and moisture from leaving the fruit. After all, oxygen ensures that an avocado ripens, but can lead it to spoil more quickly and moisture loss causes dehydration. As a result Apeel avocados maintain their quality and ripeness for twice as long,” says Michael Schaeman of Apeel Sciences.

Colruyt Group is the first retailer in Belgium and Luxembourg to use this technique to extend the shelf life of a product.

Freshness inspired by nature

Apeel’s plant-based ‘second skin’ is colourless, odourless and tasteless and mimics nature, so to speak: Apeel is made from materials that are found in all fruits and vegetables. It is applied to the avocados to extend their shelf life and reduce food waste. The protective layer is made of plant-derived molecules, such as lipids and glycerolipids, which are naturally present in the skin, pips and pulp of fruit and vegetables.

Colruyt Group is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of its products and serve its customers even better. “Our R&D&I department is actively looking for technologies and innovationsthat have a positive impact on the shelf life and quality of our products. This is in line with our vision to offer a sustainable and quality product range to our customers. The motivation for this project is therefore to offer our customers tasty and high-quality avocados that they can enjoy for longer,” says Jan Schockaert, head of the fruit department.

2x the shelf life

With Apeel’s plant-based protection layer, the avocados will maintain firmness and quality up to twice as long. “According to our tests an avocado with such a 'second skin' stays tasty and creamy a week longer.By extending the shelf life, fewer avocados will be thrown away. In this way, we are working to reduce food waste at our customers’ homes,” says Jan Schockaert.

The avocados with the extra protective layer are available from today in the Colruyt Lowest Prices shops. You can recognise them by the Apeel sticker on the avocado itself.

Colruyt Group is looking into applying this technology to other types of fruit and vegetables.

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