61,000 cans of Cara Pils and 15,200 cups of Aïki Noodles: the festival summer at Colruyt Lowest prices starts in Dour

61,000 cans of Cara Pils and 15,200 cups of Aïki Noodles: the festival summer at Colruyt Lowest prices starts in Dour

Monday, July 11, 2022

After a 2-year interruption, Colruyt is ready for the Dour festival once again. The store in Dour is being prepared to handle the influx of festival goers. In cooperation with Dour festival, Colruyt will provide free shuttle buses to bring festival goers from the campsite to the store. An extra large stock of popular festival products such as Aïki Noodles and the festival beer par excellence, Cara Pils, will be provided.

Different store layout

Colruyt Dour's meticulous precautions are crucial to welcome the hordes of festival goers, that is if the number of visitors of previous years are anything to go by. An average of 10,000 people a day visit Colruyt Dour during the festival week. Christine Maquestiaux, manager of Colruyt Dour says: “After a 2-year festival break, our team is really looking forward to it. Like always, we changed the layout of our store to cope with the large influx. Extra staff is on hand to ensure safety, hygiene and an efficient shopping experience. Our Collect&Go pick-up point will be temporarily converted into an area for extra cash registers and to ensure a smooth flow of customers. Our typical festival products will be in the spotlight and extra stock, cold drinks and cooler bags will be provided at the cash registers. In short, we ensure an efficient shopping and payment experience so that everyone can return to the festival in the shortest possible time.” For its regular customers, Colruyt Dour is making another adjustment: during the festival, the store will be open at 8 a.m. instead of 8:30 a.m.

Numbers from the previous festival in 2019
Numbers from the previous festival in 2019

Cara Pils, Aïki Noodles and water pistols in the trolley

Colruyt expects strong sales of typical festival products. More than 61,000 cans of Cara Pils, good for more than 22,000 litres, were sold at the previous edition of Dour festival. The new Cara Blond and Cara Rouge beers are also sold at Colruyt Dour and will no doubt be very popular as well. And to add to the fun, Cara Pils has been given a starring role in the store's car park. Festival goers can take a quick selfie with a life-size Cara Pils bottle before leaving the car park. Other food products also always do well, such as the well-known Aïki Noodles, 15,000 cups of which were sold last time. Energy drinks, water, sandwiches and ice cubes are also big hits.

The glass holder that Colruyt sells in cooperation with Cupkeeper, made of 100% recyclable material and suitable for 6 glasses, is a new and handy gadget for on the festival site. Colruyt also provides an extra assortment of camping items, such as camping chairs and mattresses, to help forgetful festival goers or people with damaged gear. Small BBQs, powerbanks, ponchos, padlocks for tents, drinking bottles, recyclable cutlery and cups are also available. And when the sun’s out, festival goers, as is customary at Dour, are up for a water pistol fight.

To end the shopping trip in style, Colruyt Dour provides extra cardboard boxes and reusable shopping bags at the cash register. Sorting and recycling waste is also taken into consideration as large sorting islands are provided with containers for PMD, glass and general waste. The message is together for less litter.

Free shuttle bus for festival goers

The organisation of Dour will provide a festival shop on the campsite with an assortment of smaller items or last minute necessities. Colruyt will supply the products for this shop. In Dour itself, festival goers can go to the big Colruyt store for any shopping. For the third time, Colruyt is working with the festival organisers with the aim of ferrying customers from the festival to the store as efficiently and quickly as possible. Every 20 minutes, a free shuttle bus covers the three kilometres from the campsite to the Colruyt store. The shuttle buses run between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day from Monday to Saturday. A trip takes five minutes. Laura Paradis, Dour festival sponsorship coordinator, is pleased with the collaboration: “Naturally, we don't want our festival goers to drive their own car to the store from the campsite, which would be very unecological. We're happy to be working with Colruyt again to provide shuttle buses. In the Colruyt store, our festival goers can do their main shopping, which means the easy connection is ideal. And of course we have our own festival shop on the campsite for smaller purchases.”