Second-hand platform NewStory opens seven new drop-off points

Residents of West and East Flanders will be able to buy and sell second-hand baby and children's equipment even more easily from now on. The online second-hand platform NewStory opens seven new drop-off points in DreamLand stores. After a few weeks of trial runs, the drop-off points are now completely up and running. Together with the existing click-and-collect points in Bruges, Lochristi and Wilrijk, the number of drop-off points will reach ten. This is how NewStory aims to continue growing and serve even more customers. This is a logical development, because second-hand is successful. In 2019, NewStory's sales figures were on average 50% higher than the previous year.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Growing demand for drop-off points

To date, customers have been able to drop off and collect their second-hand items at one of the three NewStory click-and-collect points. In addition, NewStory regularly organises regional collection campaigns in DreamLand stores. “We noticed that this year half our items were brought in during these collection campaigns,” explains the manager, Laurens De Wolf. “So there's still a lot of potential there. That's why we decided to expand our network together with DreamLand. Customers are now able to drop off items to the stores in Ghent, Lede, Veurne, Roeselare, Ostend, Kuurne and Waregem.” So NewStory first focuses on West Flanders and a part of East Flanders. “It's a first step. Later on we will look at how we are expanding our network and which regions are still interesting. In the meantime, we are also continuing to organise regional collection campaigns in other provinces. We keep announcing them on our website.

Manned by DreamLand employees

DreamLand employees keep everything on track at the seven new drop-off points. For that they get digital support and help from NewStory itself. Laurens De Wolf: “Interested sellers make an online appointment to visit on Wednesday or Saturday with their second-hand baby or children's equipment. Someone from DreamLand carefully examines all items and together with the seller searches for an appropriate selling price.” From the drop-off points the items leave for the click-and-collect points in Bruges, Lochristi and Wilrijk. “Existing journeys are used to transport the items,” adds Laurens De Wolf. “That means there are no extra truck miles to be covered.” NewStory employees check and photograph all the items and prepare them for sale. Customers collect purchased items from one of the three click-and-collect points.

Second-hand is booming: 5,700 items sold already

About a year and a half after its launch, NewStory has noticed that the second-hand formula is becoming more and more popular. Since NewStory’s launch in April 2018, more than 5,700 items have already changed hands between owners via the second-hand platform. On average, NewStory offers 1,000 items for sale, with best-selling categories being strollers, car seats, parks and highchairs. In September, more than 400 items changed hands. More than half of the items brought in are sold within two months. After four months, about 80% of items get a second life with a new owner.